Sunday, June 30, 2013

Esraj final

One portion of the rim epoxy came loose after gluing; the job was salvaged by heating and molding the shape of the mylar over the rim, and gluing it completely around the edge with a 3M adhesive, Super 77. The stuff was very gooey and gross to work with, but did the trick- strong tack and fast, durable bond.

Here we are tuning and setting the bridge position:

And it was just in time! Here is a photo from a few days later, in concert with Arijit Mahalanabis, Samir Chatterjee, in the very able hands of Kishan Patel

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  1. Hi Josh,

    I came across your post while researching whether to get a Fiberskyn head for a sarod I'm getting built right now, to make it less sensitive to heat and moisture. Is this something you would recommend? I'm curious to know if there were any effects on the tone of the esraj (either positive or negative:)). Also, is this what I should buy ( I have no idea about drum heads, and basically googled based on what I read in your post. I look forward to hearing from you- and also, it's great to see someone doing repair work on so many diverse instruments!